Useful Things on the Internet

Here are a few things that I find interesting and useful on the Internet.  This list is
designed to help people I know who are not Internet freaks and would like a
little help finding good stuff.  There is a lot of good stuff mixed in with the trash,
consider this list a starting off point.  If you find this useful, feel free to share
it with people you know would like to get more out the the Internet.

The Straight Dope
Dictionary/Thesaurus and Other Language References
NIST Online Scientific and Technical Databases
Today in History

News Resources
Fark - A Collection of Unusual Items From the News and Elsewhere
HolySmoke - Frauds, Fakes and Flim-Flams
The New York Times
Unquiet Mind - The Web Journal Thoughtful Dissent
SlashDot - News for Nerds
The Smoking Gun

MoveOn - "Democracy in Action"
Michael Moore
The USO - There's More to Supporting Our Troops than Putting a Stupid Bumper Sticker on your SUV

Internet Movie Database
Vic Chesnutt - A Great Musician
Netflix - Rent DVDs Over the Internet

Health and Nutrition
Supermarket Guru - Guide to Healthy Eating
Web MD
Mayo Clinic Health Page

Amazon - Buy Books, Music, and Stuff
Yahoo! Shopping

Harmony Central

Information About Computers
Ways to Deal With some of the Many Annoyances in Windows
2600 - The Hacker's Resource

Software For Your Computer
Mozilla - Stop Using Microsoft and AOL's Cruddy Browsers!
TUCOWS - Download Software
Spybot - Gets Rid of Spyware on your Computer
Spyware Blaster - Helps Prevent Spyware from Getting on Your System

Quilting on
Keepsake Quiliting
Quillting History
Kaywood's Quilting and Sewing Site

The Grateful Dead
Start Here....
Carnegie Mellon's Dead Site (Cool, eh?)
The Roots of the Grateful Dead (A "must read" for deadheads)

Places of Interest
Boonton, NJ
Howell, NJ
San Diego, CA
Honolulu, HI

Things about authors I like....
Richard Brautigan
Roger Zelazny

More to come....

Last updated January 25, 2004